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Real Good Personal Training

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Real Good Personal Training

Start your journey with a free consultation in which we cover your goals, past training experiences and injury history. This enables us to start building a strong relationship where you come first.

Your first session is completely complimentary. During this session we will run through a small movement assessment followed by a light workout - don't worry we will ease you into. We use this time to evaluate your fitness levels and body awareness meaning we can tailor future sessions around your goals and needs. You will be leaving this session feeling like you’ve had a good workout, become more aware of your strengths and areas for improvement, whilst simultaneously having the chance to see how we will work/train together.

During the sessions we like to focus on teaching people correct movement patterns that can be transferred into daily life, whilst helping you work towards your fitness objectives. We like our clients to leave their session feeling like they've learned something new as well as worked out.

Future 121 sessions will generally include: 

  • some stretching and mobilization
  • Activation / correction exercises
  • A goal specific finisher.

Real Good Fitness Classes

A real good introduction to the foundations of fitness. Using mainly body weight this class focuses on core stability,full body awareness, low level cardio and fundamental strength. The aim is to start laying the building blocks that will shape you into the athlete you want to be.  

The great outdoors, community, fun and awareness are the elements that make up our bootcamps.  With experienced coaches who know how to adapt exercises, this class is open to all levels of fitness. From young to old, beginner to advanced we aim to progress each member from the ground up.

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Real Good Sports Therapy & Massage

Our Sports Therapy sessions will help you take a closer look at the way your body moves in a functional way. Our daily lives no longer require our bodies to be the functional and efficient machines they evolved to be, which leaves many people overworking some muscles and underworking others. When they then attempt to partake in the exercises and activities that bring them joy, these imbalances get in the way. 

Through a combination of a health history review, physical assessments and some detective work, our practitioners will look for the root cause of the problems. We will then work together to train your body, through manual therapy techniques, massage, activation, strengthening and conditioning, to move in a more functional manner.

Real Good Personalised Training Online

We are pleased to be able to offer our personalised training package in an online format as well, as we continue to adapt to the “new normal”. Much like our in-person training, we provide you with a completely customised programme of stretches and exercises tailored to your individual goals and physical ability. 

  • Personalised training program consisting of stretches and exercises tailored to your individual goals.
    • Clear, concise written descriptions of each exercise
    • High-quality videos demonstrating each exercise
    • Exercise Diary for keeping track of your workouts
  • Weekly phone check-in
  • Updated program each week based on your progress

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Online Training


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